WHAT do we do ...

Kids Comp Camp #KompyutaMashinani is an initiative to help young learners in marginalized communities gain a competitive edge in today's digital driven society. The initiative is organised by The African Centurion Trust.

WHY we do this ...

1,000,000 more jobs than students by 2020

In march 2015, before undertaking the first kids computer camp in Tana River County, we undertook a baseline survey to establish the computer exposure levels among kids from 6 schools. Out of the 30 kids interviewed; only 3 had seen a computer before.

Over the next decade it is estimated that there will be 1.4 million jobs in computer sciences and only around 400,000 graduates qualified to do them. Yet less than 2% of children in Africa leave school with any computer skills.

this is HOW it's done ...

Kids Comp Camp runs school holiday and sometimes weekend computer camps targeting Kids in underprivileged communities. During the camps, the learners go through an exciting and relevant digital literacy curriculum designed for a student with no prior experience with computers. For every Kids computer camp we aim to establish a well-equipped & easily accessible Kids Computer Lab & also train a locally available Human Resources to patron the facility.


We've reached ...

6300 90 54

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Kids Comp Camp next Milestone is to reach out 10,000 Kids #Vision10k.

You can help us achieve this milestone by helping to feed a child who attends Kids Comp Camp. You can Feed A Child via #DonateLunchbox. A Lunchbox is food for 1 child for 1 camp at only Kshs. 200.You can choose to donate your Lunchbox on
1) Monthly basis at only KES 200
2) Quarterly at only KES 600
3) Half yearly at only KES 1200
4) Yearly at KES only 2400
We target to raise KES 2,400,000 to feed 10,000 Kids we strive to reach out in 2017/18. You can donate your lunchbox(es) via

The confirmation message will be from "Africa Centurion". Thank you in advance for your Kind consideration.